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— Eric Ries, The Lean Startup

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Case Studies

How these entrepreneurs got validation for their businesses and how you can too.

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How Grace created a marketplace with 16 paying customers in 24 hours

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How Daina discovered what shoppers really want

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How Tarikh's big pivot led to thousands of users

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How Jennifer learned her way to a big business

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How Bek made $3240 from the trucking industry in 24 hours

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How Karla validated both sides of the market

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How PandayPay signed on a large restaurant

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How Amy got 19 paying customers in 60 minutes

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Print the Experiment Board as a 2ft x 3ft wall poster and watch your team's productivity skyrocket. We recommend your local Staples or FedEx; ask for oversized printing. It costs $4 for Black/White, $50 for Color.

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Virtual team? The download includes a Google Spreadsheet template to collaborate online. Need to present? Showcase your case study with the PowerPoint and Keynote templates and walk others through your progress, step-by-step.

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Get early access to the Javelin Experiments software. Quickly learn what ideas work and build what will make the most impact. Improve team accountability and communication, and track your project's progress over time.

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