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On-Demand Customer Interviews

Get calls from customers in minutes. We pool hundreds of thousands of consumers to find a match with nearly any target customer segment.

Interviews Management

Easily access, update, and share customer interviews with your team. Use our problem scoring methodology to quantify each interview.

Audio Recording & Transcription

Connect with your phone to record interviews and transcribe the audio into text for easy search and review.

Landing Page Builder

Test your new product or service with a simple landing page, optimized for conversion.

Google Ad Creator

Easily send real customers to your page to see if they will buy. Save days with our streamlined interface.

Business Metrics & Projections

Get baseline metrics on your solution's Customer Acquisition Cost, Margin, Market Size, and Profit Potential.

Product/Market Fit Surveys

Quantify how close you are to a product that will grow into a sustainable business.

Integrate With Development Tools

Measure if the features you build are taking you closer to Product / Market Fit.

Monthly Progress Reports

Track your progress monthly and share reports with your team, advisors, and investors.

Built by the Lean Startup Machine team

Helping Innovators Since 2010

We've hosted hundreds of workshops around the world to help innovators like you pivot to the right market and find customers.

Our work's even been featured in places like Bloomberg, Forbes, Inc., Entrepreneur Magazine, and many others.

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